July Monthly Update

Dipping our toes in Lost Lake with Mt. Hood in the background.

Dipping our toes in Lost Lake with Mt. Hood in the background.

My July monthly update is that, I’m not going to do monthly updates for the summer, ha!

Since I’m planning to do a year 3 goal review at the end of the summer, I felt like they’d be pretty similar to one another. Plus, I shared a number of updates in my movement/nutrition post (and will share a few more in my upcoming budget post next week).

With 2 posts this week, I wasn’t up for a 3rd (in-depth) post! I’m working on running the blog and keeping it enjoyable… not letting it run me and feel like an obligation!

Anyway, I will give you a few of the highlights since I last shared a weekly update:

  • 1 paper submitted

  • 1 paper accepted with revisions (and got revisions done/sent off to collaborators)

  • 1 paper with first round revisions

  • Sent my portion of a draft paper off to a co-author. The paper should go out by the end of the summer.

  • Met with a new potential collaborator

  • Checked in with fall instructors for the class that I’m the lead instructor for

  • Started revising 2 online courses

  • Started our preschool playdates for Ellie’s school

  • Spent a lot of time trying to figure out what’s going on with my back

  • Went camping for 5 nights (see pic above!)

  • Turned 35! And Mike turned 35 too!

  • Hosted a dinner

  • Got the plan(it)* retreat site up and running

… so, needless to say, I/we’ve been busy!

As I think about planning for the upcoming year, I can already guess what my intention will be… simplify!

In an effort to jump start the simplification process (and get myself back on track with meditation), I’ll be participating in Lynn Curry’s Learn to Meditate course in August, you should join me!

I’ll update you at the end of the summer with my year 3 goals and tips posts. Until then, I’ll continue posting weekly content, just not giving updates… because I need a break from updates!