*a virtual planning retreat for academics

Create a detailed plan for the academic year and fall semester/quarter from the comfort of your own home (or office or coffee shop or wherever you like). During the plan(it)* virtual retreat, you'll have a structured and supportive space to create a plan for your research, teaching, service, and personal life. We'll focus specifically on the 2019-2020 academic year and fall 2019 semester/quarter. Throughout the week you'll complete the retreat planning modules on your own time, check-in with Jill (your host) via Slack, and attend group Q+A sessions about setting up your plan for the year/semester/fall.

September 2019 plan(it)* dates and pricing

  • September’s plan(it)* retreat will go from Sunday September 8, 2019 through Saturday September 14, 2019

    • This month’s plan(it)* retreat will follow a slightly different structure than the first retreat. As a participant, you’ll work through each planning module at your own pace. When questions come up you can reach out to Jill and the rest of the group via Slack. You can also attend up to 4 live q+a calls that will occur at set times throughout the week.

  • Cost: $27

plan(it)* is for you if:

  • you are an academic at any level

  • you want to create a plan for the year that incorporates all aspects of your professional and personal life

  • you struggle to set aside dedicated planning time on your own

  • you don't mind engaging in reflection

  • you don't have a planning process that you 100% love

  • you want support during the planning process

What you'll get when you participate in plan(it)*:

  • an individualized yearly plan (created by you!)

  • an individualized fall semester or quarter plan (also created by you!)

  • yearly and semester/quarter planning strategies to take with you as you continue on your academic journey

  • the opportunity to participate in 4 live q+a sessions during the week of the retreat

    • if you can't join live, you can always check out the replay

  • video modules that walk through a step by step process for planning out your year and fall semester/quarter

  • pdf files of the slides from our mini-workshop sessions

  • an electronic workbook to jot down all of your notes/plans

  • a chance to connect with other academics who are also interested in planning

What have participants said about plan(it)*?

Jill’s (plan)it* program enabled me to both have more control of my schedule and to truly feel calmer and more confident while tackling long-term projects. I’m a seasoned planner who loves her to do list and schedule, but I hadn’t before approached my tasks with such intention for accomplishing goals in a practical, step-based manner. After I finished the (plan)it* program, I felt invigorated about diving back into my projects, and I’m still carrying that momentum with me as I approach my monthly, weekly, and daily goals. I feel more confident about my abilities to succeed and I feel more balance in where I put my time and my energy. Thanks, Jill!
— Kate, The Tending Year
I signed up for plan(it)* to help me tackle my never ending to-do list. While I’ve still got that never ending list, plan(it)* helped me prioritize the things that are on it and decide what my focus is going to be during the next academic year. If you want support with prioritizing your work, definitely sign up for plan(it)*!
— Marina
plan(it)* was super easy to follow! Planning a whole year had seemed like such a daunting and vague task that I always left it halfway done (i.e., I’d identify yearly goals but that was about it), but having modules to follow helped me to actually dedicate the time to identify what steps are needed and when they need to be taken. The best part was that I had a template and examples to work with!
— plan(it)* participant

Registration for September 2019’s plan(it)* is closed!!

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