What's next for plan(it)*?!

Providing some support on Slack during plan(it)*

Providing some support on Slack during plan(it)*

I promise I’ll have some non-plan(it)* related blog posts in the upcoming weeks (I’m just so excited about it, ha!).

It’s been a week since plan(it)* and my brain is buzzing with what’s next for the retreat. First, a big THANK YOU 😍 to those who participated. I couldn’t have done without you! Thanks for taking a chance on me! On my end, I thought things went really well (minus the instance where I forgot I had my headphones plugged in and didn’t realize people were talking, oops!). The time flew by and Slack seemed to be a good way to communicate with the group. As we were meeting I was thinking about how I could make the retreat more accessible (and still provide live support), instead of having to choose 2 random days during the week for hosting. It’s so hard to find something that works for everyone’s schedules, and having 5 hours blocked off, 2 days in a row, is a huge commitment. 

With those thoughts in mind, my vision for the future of plan(it)* (maybe next year?!) would be that during the months of August and September, plan(it)* would be live. People sign up and work through pre-recorded yearly/fall planning modules on their own. Each week, I’d host live q+a sessions at varying times, where you drop in and get planning related support, and also live work sessions where we check in via Slack. And perhaps have one-on-one sessions too. Slack would be up and running during those months for text support when we’re not live.

While I don’t have the bandwidth to implement something like that right now, I am going to do a mini version of this in September. During the week of September 8, pre-recorded modules will be available on Teachable, I’ll have Zoom q+a calls lined up, and slack will be all set up so that people can virtually come together and plan out their years/fall terms. 

While I still do love the thought of doing everything live (like I did this first round), there weren’t a ton of questions that came up during the live workshops. Most of the questions came once people got into the work, which makes sense... you don’t know what you need to ask until you do it yourself. So... my thought is that people can just watch the videos on their own time, get to work, and then get support as they are doing it through Slack, as well as a few live q+a calls at different times throughout the week. This way, we don’t have to all be in the same place at the same time, unless you’re hopping on a q+a call. Which, when I think about online teaching, is exactly how I run my classes and they seem to work well... not sure what took me so long to re-think the structure!

With that being said, registration for September’s plan(it)* is up and running! You can read more about it and sign up, here

All for now! Next week be on the lookout for a post about how we recently cleaned up our daily routine (because it was kind of a mess).

Until then, have a wonderful week!