Weekly Update: 6/10 - 6/16

Go to the zoo… see a dinosaur

Go to the zoo… see a dinosaur


We are. Still. Traveling. We’re coming up on the two week mark and I think that might be my limit. Or at least my limit of not having a consistent schedule. We made this same trip two years ago, shortly after Ellie turned 1, and stayed for 3 weeks. I also paired that trip with a stat workshop that was 5 days long (good workshop, but too long to combine with a family/friend visit). I don’t remember Ellie’s routine being too much of an issue during that trip (perhaps I blocked it out). Maybe because we had to be on a regimented schedule with naps and bed time it didn’t feel like it was as hard on her. Now that she’s 2 years older we’re more lax with the routine, but that doesn’t mean that skipping naps and having late bedtimes don’t take their toll. Her ability to regulate and listen are definitely waning (she’s had some fun meltdowns). And… she’s three… and for a three year old who is way off her usual routine… she is doing amazingly well!

This week I sequestered myself away and managed to wrap up 99.9% of my grading for the term. I got a tiny bit of research related work in, and went to a conference for 2 days. Add in visiting with family and it’s been an incredibly full week (like the previous week). I will absolutely be crashing later this week.


Paper 3: My goals for the week were to create/send tables to a co-author and find a few citations for the intro. Goal met? Yes, I created the tables and sent them off, and then found one citation. I had hoped to pull a few more, but we decided that it wasn’t necessary at this point.


Grading (condensed stats course): My goals for the week were to write up feedback on article critiques and final assignments, post feedback, and update final grades. Goal met? YES… there are so many ways I could have made my grading process more streamlined, but those will be for next year because right now it doesn’t matter, it’s DONE!

Course management/grading (online human dev course): My goals for the week were to post 2 updates (a final thank you video for the term and a breakdown of how participation points are calculated), grade 3 remaining assignments, calculate participation and post points, write and post feedback for final assignment, and update final grades for my half of the class. Goal met? Yes!

service + admin

Planning: My goals for the week were to plan for the current week (on Monday) and to have my weekly list ready to go on Friday with Monday’s tasks picked out. Goal met? Yup.

Conference logistics: No specific goals, just lots of figuring out transportation to/from, sessions to attend, and other plans.

meetings, appointments, + events

✓paper 3 check-in
✓car travel for the second part of our trip
✓OER call
✓TAA conference


Workouts: One 20 minute yoga session and one long walk… my body hurts from lack of movement.

Toddler on the Tenure Track: Goal: Get 2 posts up on the blog. Goal met? Nope, didn’t have a chance to do much in the way of blog stuff this week.

Meditation: Here’s an update for this past week. I missed 2 days. We’ve been up late a lot. There were two nights where we were in bed after midnight and had ~6am wake up calls because of my conference… so I prioritized sleep over meditation. Otherwise, I’ve been meditating pretty consistently before bed. There was one day where I actually worked it into my schedule during the day (everyone was out of the house for a few hours while I did work, so I did it during a work break), but most days it’s been before bed.

Budget: ✓ I was able to quickly update our budget for the month during some down time this week