A Step by Step Guide To Moving Across the Country with a Baby + 2 Cats: Part 7

August 2016: The Bleek-Man sitting atop his perch in the back of our car as we made our way through nebraska

August 2016: The Bleek-Man sitting atop his perch in the back of our car as we made our way through nebraska

If you're just tuning in, here's a recap of steps 1 thru 10.

Just a note, steps 1-5 are all from the same post so it's all the same link.

  1. Wait!

  2. Create folders (paper and electronic) to store all of your moving documents

  3. Outline what needs to happen

  4. Come up with a preliminary timeline

  5. Set your moving budget

  6. Figure out where you’ll live in your new city

  7. Figure out how you’re going to do the move

  8. Make a list of everything you own

  9. Figure out a packing plan and start packing

  10. Figure out a driving and lodging plan

Step 11: Finalize the “little” details

This next step involves taking care of the “little” details. For the most part they aren’t terribly difficult to do and they have the potential to make a big difference in your trek.

For us this involved taking our two cats to the vet, explaining what we were doing, and asking for tips. The vet gave us some medication to relax them in case they freaked out.

The meds came with the warning that it could make them lose bladder control… no thanks!

We did bring it with us as a last resort, but were only going to use it in an emergency. They are pretty seasoned car travelers so we were confident they’d be okay.

We also purchased a large dog crate for them to hang out in during our trip. Mike fashioned a hiding spot/perch that fit in the crate so they could see/hide during the drive.  

We took our car (which at the time was my main car) to a mechanic, explained that we were driving across the country, and asked if our car would make it. They checked it out and said everything looked good to go.

We also sold Mike’s car using CarMax. It was quick and easy, which was what we needed.

The last thing we did that was related to our car was to upgrade our “Basic” AAA membership to “Plus” to get additional towing and fuel benefits just in case (and then canceled once we got to Oregon).

The final thing we did was line up temporary health insurance for ourselves. After graduation my health insurance was done and once Mike quit his job (a week before our departure date), he and Ellie were no longer covered. We signed up for temporary health insurance to cover us until my job started and benefits kicked in.

Next up, the final post in this series!